Jorge do Peixe

From the trawler to your table,
Always the best fish in Quarteira

Taste the sea delicacies at Jorge do Peixe is to known the gastronomic history of this region of the Algarve. From a family of local fishermen, Jorge Silva learned to choose the best fish from an early age and embraced his roots in the art of traditional seafood cooking. The sentimental closeness of the family’s feelings with the sea is an everyday experience, even on Mondays, this gastronomic temple have the freshest fish and seafood with the unique flavour of the sea. Raia Alhada à Pescador (Garlic Ray Fisherman style), Fish Soup, Ovas de Choco Fritas à Pescador (Fried Cuttlefish Spawn Fisherman style), grilled fish and seafood masterfully prepared, these are only a few of the delicacies that make this a place of gastronomic pilgrimage in the south of Portugal. A wine cellar with various selected Portuguese nectars complement the rich and varied menu. Discover the cuisine of the Algarve and its tradition. Visit Jorge do Peixe in Quarteira...




June to Septembe

Lunches: 12:00-15:00 | Dinners: 19:00-23:00

We are closed on Sunday and Monday at lunch

Parking at 50m



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